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The first port of call is one of the local funeral directors. They will advise you on what needs doing straight away, and make arrangements on your behalf with individual churches and other parties, as well as with the crematorium, if appropriate, and attend to the legal paperwork for you. They will also deal with any fees, including church fees. We are pleased to work with our local funeral directors, and recommend them equally.


Funeral fees are split between statutory and local fees that cover verger and organist fees and heating and lighting.


The 2019 Church of England statutory fees are as follows:

Funeral in church followed (or preceded) by burial in a cemetery or by cremation - £223

Funeral in church followed (or preceded) by burial in churchyard - £508

Burial in churchyard on separate occasion - £341 (excluding grave-digging fee)

Interment of cremated remains - £ 202 (including grave-digging fee)

Service at the crematorium only - £195 (plus travel expenses)


In addition local parish fees are as follows:

Verger - £40

Organist - £80

Heating/Lighting - dependant on the size of the church - up to £40




Alcester Minster Churches - 07840 284 294 (Administrator)