Alcester Minster Churches adopts and supports the Safeguarding Policy produced by the Diocese of Coventry and the Church of England. The recruitment policy for the Minster follows Safer Recruitment guidelines for both paid and voluntary roles. All volunteers and church officers are required to undertake the appropriate safeguarding training.

The Minster Safeguarding Officer is Elizabeth Humphrey but each parish has an appointed Parish Safeguarding Officer who reports to the Parochial Church Council. The current Safeguarding policy is adopted each year at Annual Parochial Council Meetings. Each church has a poster to identify the Parish Safeguarding Officer and the Minster Safeguarding Officer and displays information relating to the safeguarding of the church and community including the telephone numbers of relevant agencies. In the Minster all Parish Safeguarding officer meet periodically.

Safeguarding Policy Statement

Safer Recruitment for Volunteers and Paid Staff

Safeguarding Roles within a Parish

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